Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cutie Pie

Ok, here is another sweet treat for Halloween. I have seen these around the various blogs I visit and at I am not sure where I originally found her so I cannot give that person credit. Ok, I do know that the people who have made these typically have all the Stampin' Up punches...I don't so I had to improvise. Be patient with my directions.
Two black circle scallops (1 3/4"), 2 white circles (1/2"), 2 black circles (1/4"...typical hole punch size), 1 pink or red circle (1/8"), 2 black squares (1 1/2"), and 2 purple, pink, red, etc., squares (1 1/4"). Ok, all I did next was to cut the squares (black and other color) in half at a diagonal to make triangles. Then I cut a "V" out of the squares. So basically you are making the legs look like triangles, the base is black and the top of it is your other color. Take one of your black scallop punch outs and place it on your work station, then put a delicious York peppermint pattie on top of it using a glue dot. As for the top, I put the eyes together and then attached them and the nose to the body. Then I put the legs together and attached them to the body. Using another glue dot place it on the body and attach the body to the peppermint pattie. Have I confused you yet? If you do not understand check out and I am sure someone will have done a MUCH better job of explaining it.
I think she is a little cutie and you should try to make her. If you mess up you get to eat the sweet treat. That is a win win in my book.

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Penny said...

Really very cute. Love it Penny