Friday, November 21, 2008

Cute gift card holder

This is another project from the Stampin Up workshop I went to last month. I love the Stampin Up gift card holder plain, but it looks fabulous all decorated. Feel free to make this for me and fill it with a gift card from any of the following stores...Williams Sonoma, Michaels, Nine West, Gap (well, I may get my new jeans this weekend since mine are frayed EVERYWHERE), hmmm, I think that about covers it. Remember, if you are looking for a wonderful Stampin Up demonstrator I know two of the best.
I am very fortunate that I have a musically talented husband. Right now he is practicing on his bass guitar a few songs for an upcoming gig in February in Orlando, FL. He is passionate about his drums and is an amazing drummer, but I don't hear him play too often since he thinks it is too loud and Maddie freaks out when he beats on his cymbals. I love to hear him play and I wish everyone had the opportunity to hear his awesome talent.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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