Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am going to start off by apologizing to my devoted fans (all 5 of you..=)). I have been negligent in crafting. Not sure exactly why, but in my head I wanted to, but I never really wanted to get off my butt and move into my craft room.
Well, the wait is over. Saturday and Sunday the crafting fairy sprinkled her (or his) fairy dust over me and I got to work. I don't want to over load you right away, so I am going to resume my posting schedule of 2008...Monday, Wednesday, and whatever other day I feel like it.
A few months ago (like 8) I bought a scrapbook for Maddie. It was full of cute doggie papers, stickers, and boarders and I have been wanted to get started on it, so I did. In December the local Pet Wash had free pictures with Santa for its customers so I told Jay we HAD to do this. I bought Maddie a little Mrs. Claus outfit (which did not fit her and I eventually called it her stripper dress and returned it) and of course I made Jay dress up (yes, that is Jay dressed up...nice jeans and a sweater). I wanted it to be festive since this was going to be our first "family" photo. Do you even realize how difficult it is to get a young, wild, energentic dog to look at the camera on cue? Well, lets just say that after 10-15 minutes of keeping Maddie out of Santa's beard, trying to get Maddie to start barking at another dog, and constant smiling by Jay and me we got a few good pictures and this one was the best. I love it. I wish you could see the outtakes...they are hysterical.
Ok, so my paper was something I found in my paper stash, the snowflakes are from Michael's (I used them on a few Christmas cards), Santa is a sticker set that I found tucked in my craft area, and I used my nestibilities for the frame. Simple, but I had to start off slow and steady. I didn't want anyone to have heart failure from me actually posting and then me post something fabulous. That would have sent you over the edge.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and may you have a marvelous Monday! =)

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Anonymous said...

What a cute family, but where's
your mother?
Love You