Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Celebrity

Well, I am not sure how many of you know, but Maddie has her picture in a dog magazine. Both Jay and I were so surprised to be flipping through the magazine and see our baby girl looking back at us. I have about 10 copies of the magazine, so if anyone is dying to see her I can send you a magazine and she will even sign it, if you ask.
This is NOT the picture of her from the magazine, but I love her smile anyway. She looks mean, huh? Good, that is what we want all the bad people to think. But those of you who have had the pleasure of one Maddie's playful jumps, wet kisses, or coy nudges knows she is as precious as they come. Maybe I am a little bias, so feel free to ask Jay. Actually, Jay and Maddie are so close it is ridiculous. If Jay is in the room I don't exist. She loves her daddy.
I guess every little girl loves her daddy and Maddie is no exception.

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Shemaine said...

Congratulations Maddie!!!! She's a sweet girl and I for one always enjoy her licks and love when she greets me :)