Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shoes Shoes and More Shoes

What girl doesn't love a pair of shoes? Seriously, I look in my closet and see the countless pairs of shoes and I get a warm tingly feeling all over. I think shoes provide me with a comfort that no matter what my weight is I can still have fashionable, trendy, cute shoes. So, I will sit here and enjoy all my shoes...from my numerous Nine West boots to my little black strappy heels that I bought in London over 10 years ago that still kill my feet, but look so adorable. Ok, enough about my shoe obsession.
The stamps on this card are from Close To My Heart stamp set called Totally Chic. I can tell I did this card a few years ago since it look too plain...need a little embossing, bling, glitter, etc.
Go out and buy a pair of shoes and think of me.

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