Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Simple Simple Simple

Did I mention this card was simple? Well, it is. I used my Christmas tree Cuttlebug embossing folder and added a little sparkle right in the middle of the tree. Ok, that's it. I will probably add a little something to the edges...chalk, ink, etc.
Well, most of you know that I am working on my master's degree. Another huge step was accomplished this past Saturday. I submitted my binders. The binders are all the objectives for the program (about 40) and for each one you need to write a plan about how you are going to meet that objective and a little something, either a write up, resource, or literature. My professor told me I got the prize for the "thickest binder". If you know me you know that I tend to go a little over the top...especially with my education. I try so hard with everything. Ok, with that done I am in the home stretch. This Saturday is my graduation, Tuesday I have a paper due for my last class (yes, they allow you do graduate even if you have one or two classes to complete), and next Thursday is my last official day of my internship (I offered to help them out in January, especially at the middle school when the new intern comes in). Everything will be absolutely finished by January 20...YEA!!!! Almost there.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog while doing some search for Christmas craft ideas that I can do real quick (Christmas is coming in so fast!) and I enjoyed my short visit here.