Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas card

Here is my attempt at a non-traditional colored Christmas card. I am still unsure about it, but it was so simple. The words were from the dollar bin at Micheal's and so is the ribbon. I think I will try another version of this one...this time I will do a better job at word placement.
I hope everyone is on the home stretch for Christmas preparations. I am still scrambling around to get my Christmas cards done...if my husband would signed the handful I have done I could get those out of my office and work on the remaining ones.
Well, yesterday was my graduation for my Master's program and it was great. Only 90 minutes...amazing. I had a picture of my dad in my pocket (the one I used at my wedding) so he could be there and with my mom and husband cheering from their seats it was everything I could have asked for.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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