Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Book Bargains...

Ok, I had a last minute change of blog topic. I thought instead of diving right in with a book review I would give you a few hints for shopping for books.
*This week Barnes & Noble is having their teacher appreciate days, save 25%.
*www.paperbackswap.com is a fabulous web site where you post books you no long want and people can request your books. You only pay to send your book via media mail. You earn credits books being requested from you and then you can use those credits to "buy" books.
*www.half.com, pretty much like ebay, but you can sometimes find good deals on books, but the postage can kill ya.
*My personal favorite, yard sale and garage sales. I love them. They are a great resource to buy books on the cheap, typically .25-$1 (depending on if the book is paperback or hard cover). I have been able to stock my classroom library using these sales.
*Some libraries have "Friends of the Library" sales a few times a year and you can get bags of books for a few dollars.

So, sometimes it pays to be a frugal shopper. Remember to check the wear and tear on a book, the smell (some people are smokers or have pets), highlighting, and possibly scribbles on the covers (especially in childrens books). There are deals to be had out there. Be patient and the book you are looking for may be out there at a cheaper price than the $14.99 book store price.

Happy Reading

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