Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year New Blog...

I thought I would change up my blogging topic. I havent been biten by the crafting bug lately, but I have been engrossed in books. So, my thought was to blog about the books I have read and am currently reading. This is just an idea so I am not sure how well it will take. My thoughts are since I have so many hobbies I wanted to share my love of them with anyone willing to take a peek.
Be prepared because since September I have read 10 books...mostly (90%) fiction, a variety of genres, and meant for different audiences. Please bare in mind that I am not an English professor so my take on the books are from a purely bibliophile (I just love to read) point of view.
So, sit back and read my blog and hopefully I will inspire you to pick up one of these incredible books and enjoy them as much as I have...for the most part.
Next blog will be a list of all 10 books including the authors, and possibly a book cover included.

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